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Каталог продукции Авто видео регистраторы HD → Авто видео регистратор HD AV-901LD

Авто видео регистратор HD AV-901LD

Авто видео регистратор HD AV-901LD
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Five millions CMOS


Visual Angel

90°/140 °


Minimum Lux



Battery Volume



Duration of Filming

> Five Hours


Mobile Sense Stanby Duration



Power Consumption

200ma/3.7V ( Maximum )


Storage Temperature



Operating Temperature



Memory Card

SD Card


Memory Volume of The Memory Card



Video Format

Video file is decoded into AVI format through Motion,JPEG.


USB Connector

Mini5Pin USB1.1/2.0


Operating System



Memory Consumption

1 GB/30 minutes


Duration of Charging

About three hours












The parameter and specifications may be altered because of upgrading or renewal. Please take the object as the standard.





Monitors the record

Record driving thunderbolt, evidence collection photography immediately

The voice control triggering video recording function, facilitates deploys troops for defense the video recording, the longer period of revolution, just records the phantom which you want;

2.0 inch stereo hd video screens

A key shuttle, senstive respond, control freely

Operate easily, also supports 9 langages

Video output: 640×480px 30f/s 1280x960px 30f/s 320×240px 30f/s

Picture output 1600×1200;

High speed dynamic video recording, light and shade environment transient response;

Video output: 640×480px 20/30f/s

Picture output 1600×1200;

Renewable lithium battery ,can supply 10 hours to use continually, the voice control video recording may use a longer time;

Support the SD card, the max is 32G

The fool type operation, the integrated lamp controls the instruction;

AV-OUT video frequency playbacking, synchronized demonstration;

Support Mini USB charge and upload or downloading the phantom from computer;

Can use the small gimbal , achieves the entire angle video recording and monitoring function;

Hangs falls the pattern, photographs the beautiful scene and family member's smiling face anytime and anywhere;



Package included:


1X Car charger (12-24v)

1x Wall charger

1x CD Drive

1x AV cable

1x USB Cable

1X Li-ion Battery

1x User Manual



This product has industry-leading functions like digital camera shooting, phonological store, web camera, TV sync output, motion detection recording and so on. This product has unique humanized design: small, exquisite, and with the multi-functional holder, the usage is more extensive, including session recording, monitoring and evidence collection, outdoor shooting, forensics recording and so on.


Product stucture and key function: camera shooting,

2.phonological store

3.web camera

4.TV sync output

5.motion detection recording and so on.